Review: AB Makeup Dual-Activ Powder Foundation

AB Makeup Dual-Activ Powder Foundation ★★★★½
Price: $37.00
About: Pressed compact powder that builds from a translucent finish into a full-coverage. Packaged in a round black compact with mirror and sponge applicator.
Review: I have never heard of Antoinette Bekos, let alone AB Makeup before so I was very excited to try this new brand. I started out doing a little research and found that Antoinette Bekos is the head of Hair and Makeup services at Network Ten in Melbourne. A high profile make-up artist, Antoinette Bekos believes that most women are concerned with makeup colours that suit them, and consequently the AB Makeup range has been developed to specifically to suit fair, medium and medium/dark skin tones. Normally, I use liquid foundation, with the main reason that I have some pigmentation and scarring from past acne, and so far have found that liquid foundation is best suited to cover up my skin. Dual-Activ Power Foundation is therefore the first powder foundation that I have used, which was a nice change.

Dual-Activ Powder Foundation is very finely milled, and rich in minerals, and I quickly found that the foundation was so easy to apply. When applying it with a large powder brush, I found it gave me a lovely matte and translucent finish. On the other hand, when applying it with the accompanying sponge, it was easier to build up the coverage where needed, though still with a perfect result. And I have to say that I was amazed that I could still build up sufficient coverage to cover my pigmentation and scarring, all without it looking cakey, or leaving my skin feeling or looking dry. Dual-Activ Powder Foundation left me with a very natural and soft finish that lasted all day, without settling into lines, and without any need for touch ups. And not needing to touch up, is also something new to me, as usually by lunch time my makeup starts to look greasy, but this was far from the case with the Dual-Activ Powder Foundation, no doubt due to containing something called Dermat Complex, which is designed to absorb excess oil, and reduce the appearance of pores and refine skin texture. This certainly proved to be the case.

Dual-Activ Powder foundation is so comfortable to wear that I completely forgot that I was wearing it. I love that it is paraben and fragrance free, and hypoallergenic, and that it is therefore also suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. I also give Dual-Activ Powder Foundation further bonus points for being a local Melbourne brand, and for containing SPF 15. The Dual-Activ Powder Foundation comes in a stylish and sleek black glossy round compact that also has a mirror and a sponge applicator, as this makes it ideal for the handbag should touch-ups be required during the day. The powder foundation has next to no scent. Overall, this is an amazing high quality product, that offers a great coverage and beautiful finish, and I will definitely continue to use it, as well as look into other products in Antoinette Bekos makeup range.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Karina Nyholm-Hunter.