5 Minutes With ... Renee Somerfield, Model

Give the girl the right shoes and she'll conquer the world... Renee Somerfield is set to become a household name. Hailing from sunny Sydney, Renee truly defines the Aussie girl next door. She is bright, sweet, sexy and determined. Having always loved the camera, Renee started modelling for fun but soon her hobby became a full time job and in her short time as a model Renee has been involved with campaigns for Ice Design, Blockout and Smiths Chips and has walked the runway for  Camilla, Alex Perry and Bras n Things. With her love for the camera, her gorgeous eyes and lovely long legs, it seems that the world is her oyster. We managed to chat with Renee in between her busy schedule to see what she has been up to...

Had you always dreamed of becoming a model Renee, or was it something you stumbled in to? I'm sure the thought has enticed every little girl in the world, but it was something I stumbled into. I started modelling as a hobby until I had to quit my full time job as a corporate sales rep to take on all the modelling work I was getting.

We love your laid back Aussie beach girl appeal! How would you describe your personality? 
I describe myself as a free spirit and the typical girl next door.. I think people are quite taken back when they first meet me, I definitely don't live up to any "model" stereotypes! 

At the age of 22 you have already come so far! Which work assignment has been your favourite? 
I honestly just love every single day of being in front of the camera doing my job. Whether it be a fashion campaign, a look book, filming a commercial or freezing my butt off in a bikini in the middle of winter, I love it all. 

Travelling must be a big part of your job. Where has it taken you to? 
I will never forget spending a week in far North Queensland shooting for a number of different designers. Having the Great Barrier Reef & the Daintree Rainforest as my "set" was incredible beyond belief.

Is fitness a big part in maintaining your figure and good health? 
Definitely. Making sure I eat clean & train hard is not only a big part of the physical side of modelling, but it also insures I am in tip-top shape to handle the long days & sometimes exhausting lifestyle. 

Although you live an extremely busy lifestyle, what do you enjoy most on the odd day off? 
When the rare opportunity arises, I love just being with my partner & my animals. A perfect day would be with them at the beach, in our boat or on an adventure somewhere in our 4x4. I love the sunshine & the outdoors!

Which do you prefer...
Heels, wedges, boots or flats? 
Flats! Although, you'll often find me bare feet!

Colour blocking or clashing prints? 
Colour blocking! I love bold & bright!

Bikinis or one-piece swimsuits? 
Bikinis, of course! 

Smoky eyes, nude lips or bright lips, nude eyes? 
On my days off, you'll always find me fresh faced! But my favourite look behind the camera is a smokey eye & a nude lip.

Your top three beauty products are... 
I couldn't live without my cleanser, my hydrating toner & organic coconut oil.

Which stores do you like to shop at? 
I have a new found obsession with Lush Cosmetics. Not only do they live up to my ethical standards when it comes to being vegan, cruelty free & fair trade, but they are all natural, fresh & hand made. Devine!

Where would you like this journey to lead you? \
If I can continue doing what I'm doing.. have an amazing job, meeting incredible people, visiting gorgeous locations & having invaluable life experiences for a very long time, I'll be a happy girl!

Finally Renee, what makes you feel Spoilt? 
I always feel spoilt when I have the time to light a wood scented candle, put on a natural face mask & lather coconut oil in my hair! 

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