5 Minutes With ... Mike & Kirsten, Palm Beach Collection

If you have not yet experienced Palm Beach Collection, then you haven't lived! These exquisite lifestyle products for the home not only make gorgeous gifts, they also smell heavenly. Hand crafted in Australia, this eco-friendly range will steal your heart - whatever your age. The perfect gift for the friend who has everything, Palm Beach Collection adds ambience to every household. We're so smitten with the boutique label and their new online store! We approached founders, brother/sister duo Mike Grey and Kirsten Walker, for a quick chat...

Kirsten, Spoilt absolutely adores Palm Beach Collection! How did the concept start? 
Mike and I always knew that we wanted to work together and we have always both loved home fragrance. We saw a hole in the market and ran with it. We don’t have any formal qualifications in regards to candle making., it was always just a passion on the side for both of us. We both have very different back grounds, Mike was a carpenter and before Palm Beach Collection I was a Fashion Buyer for 8 years.

Was it important to you to ensure products were manufactured in Australia?
Absolutely. Being an Australian brand we feel it is really important to keep the manufacturing in Australia and support the local industry.

Why did you choose to make Palm Beach Collection products eco-friendly? 
So much of what we use these days isn’t natural or eco-friendly. We wanted to offer something that we felt safe burning in our own homes.

As a brother/sister duo, you must spend a lot of time together. Is this challenging on your relationship? 
Mike and I have such an amazing relationship. We are best friends! I think we really understand each other so well and can avoid any issues before they happen. Working with family definitely has its challenges, like any working relationship but the positives out weight the negatives ten-fold.

Brought up in Palm Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, where do you reside now?
Mike lives in Bilgola and I live in Newport (a couple of beaches south). Our parents still live in Palm Beach so we  spend a lot of time there. Palm Beach will always hold a special place in Mike and my hearts.

You have been fortunate to travel the world. Which destinations have stolen your heart? 
We both love NYC. You can never spend enough time there! Europe is also beautiful, a lot of our inspiration has come from travelling throughout Europe.

Congratulations on Palm Beach Collection’s new online store! Has it received a positive response? 
We have had an amazing response to the website, the online retail sector is booming and we felt it was a natural progression to open the online store. We have had so many orders from people in vast areas all around Australia. It is great being able to reach the entire country now.

Palm Beach Collection boasts the most delectable scents... possibly ever! Where do you find inspiration? 
We love fresh summery scents.  Most of our inspiration comes from the beautiful natural Sydney landscape, where we live, and the beach.

Which are your favourite Palm Beach Collection products and why? 
Our favourite product would be our Deluxe Candle. We have just released it in 2 new fragrances – Ruby Grapefruit & Tahitian Mango. It is a great statement candle, perfect for outdoor entertaining or as a centrepiece on your coffee table!

Whose house would you most like to see your products displayed? 
Nicole Richie was trying to track our candles down in LA after burning them in Sydney. Would love to see them in Nicole’s house!

Will you be adding new products or fragrances to the range? 
Yes, we are just about to release our Christmas candle. Cedarwood and Cinnamon – its delicious! We also have a few exciting new things in the works for next year you will have to watch this space!

How exciting! Lastly, what makes you feel Spoilt? 
Being able to work for ourselves. We have so much flexibility and freedom with our jobs. We are so passionate about the brand and our product, we absolutely love what we do!

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