5 Minutes With ... Genevieve Er, This is Genevieve

Genevieve Er is a clever cookie. In 2007 Genevieve debuted her signature label, This is Genevieve, an affordable collection consisting of beautiful designs ranging from relaxed casual pieces to elegant mini dresses. In a short frame of time the label started to grow a loyal following and in 2008 The Sunday Telegraph dubbed Genevieve as 'the one to watch'. In the past five years This is Genevieve has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and fashion blogs. Who would have thought that someone hailing from an I.T background could achieve a fairytale journey as a successful Australian designer! Although Genevieve is now based in Bali, we managed to catch up with for a quick chat about her journey and This is Genevieve...

This is Genevieve launched in 2007. How has the journey been so far? I feel like the brand has really evolved since inception. What started as one person trying to realise a dream in the fashion industry has turned into a team of amazing people who are excited to create and produce collections that we love. The biggest thrill for me and our team is a happy customer.

On the contrast, you hail from an I.T background! How did this all change? I had the luck to work for a really incredible and dynamic I.T company where I learnt alot about good business processes and practices during this time. Never the less, although I liked working in the industry I felt like I hadn't gotten the chance to explore what I really loved which was fashion design. At this time I left the I.T industry and dived head-first into the fashion industry, gaining experience from the ground up, working for labels who were already successful within the industry before starting TIG.

Your designs have been seen in publications such as Vogue, Oyster, Yen and Madison. How does it feel to see your designs featured in the media? It's always exciting to see something you have created in print. Magazines like Vogue, Oyster, Yen and Madison are put together by such a style savvy team, so it is a huge thrill if they pick something from our collection to put in their issue.

We love that This is Genevieve is an affordable Australian label, making it more accessible to consumers! How is price determined? Our aim is to create beautiful clothing that makes our customers look and feel amazing. We love that our customers don't have to burn a hole in their handbags to achieve this.

Who or what inspires you when designing a new collection? I get inspiration from a wide variety of sources, whether it's traveling the globe, street style, art galleries, bloggers, magazines, movies, etc. I am constantly sketching, creating and translating the every day experiences into our design.

In a few words, how would you describe the This is Genevieve consumer? Our customers have fun with fashion, they like to stand out from the crowd in something beautiful. Our products are known for our unique prints and super flattering silhouettes.

What fashion trends do you predict this summer? Neon anything! As well as bright feel-good colours such as lime and aqua. Placement prints will still be high on the buying list, man-style shirting, fitted tube style dresses and skirts will be what girls will be wanting to wear out to party.

Tell us about your Spring/Summer ’13 collection, Underwater Love. Our inspiration for our Summer collection, Underwater Love, was from the sea. The endless array of bright and beautiful coral. Neon yellow, pink and orange which light up the ocean are the colour themes of our collection. It's a really bright and happy collection. Check out our ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Coachella’ print which are sure to go on the top of the list for festival favourites! We have some amazing blocking neon oriental inspired shirts, rainbow dresses and embroidered cut out stretch dresses. The one thing I will live in all summer is our printed denim shorts.

Do you believe accessories make or break an outfit or are you into simplicity? I go through different phases, I'm at a simplicity phase where less is more. But next year I might change and be more into accessories. I think that's all part of the fun with fashion - being able to change the way you look.

Hot or not...
Mixing prints together? Hot
Colour blocking? Hot

Which celebrity would you most love to see wearing This is Genevieve? Vanessa Paradis.

And Genevieve, what makes you feel Spoilt? Back, shoulder and foot massages ... I always feel re-energised after a massage!

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