Race Around The Web | Mercedes-Benz

Want the chance to win an all new Mercedes-Benz B-Class car? Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Race Around the Web you can try your luck! Mercedes-Benz are the leaders in luxury automotives. Mercedes-Benz are not only leaders in the car industry - they are major sponsors for large events such as Fashion Week at a number of main cities internationally. They're new car game, Race Around The Web is a fun way to play for your chance to win their stunning B-Class. If you don't win the major prize, then try your hand at other wonderful prizes on offer. Best of all, you can play against Facebook friends and see how you're all scoring.

What are you waiting for? Play Spoilt's custom-made race track and 'test-drive' the new Concept A-Class car. Just be careful because this game is addictive! Good luck.