Review: Nvey Eco Mattifying Compact Powder

Nvey Eco Mattifying Compact Powder ★★★★★
Price: $49.95
Size: 10g
About: pressed compact powder derived from organic earth minerals. Designed to finish and set foundation. Packaged in a black plastic compact with thin powder puff applicator.
Review: If I could rate this product six stars I would because I am wrapped with Mattifying Compact Powder! This ultra smooth pressed powder is made from ultra fine pressed pigment derived from minerals. This certified organic powder is so good for your skin that even my skin seems to react differently when I use Mattifying Compact Powder. You know the saying 'you are what you eat'? Skin reacts the same way to products ... and it really seems to love Mattifying Compact Powder because I experience fewer blackheads, breakouts and even clumpy powdered areas on my skin by lunch time. Instead, the smooth texture seems to evenly distribute. Talc free and paraben free, Mattifying Compact Powder contains corn starch to naturally prevent excess shine as well as Vitamins A, C and E to nourish skin. Kaolin clays work to mattify and cover skin without giving skin a cakey finish. I have enjoyed wearing Mattifying Compact Powder so much that I have almost used up the compact and need to purchase another one soon. Available in 6 easy to match shades, I have been enjoying Transparent, a translucent shade which simply mattifies foundation without adding extra colour or coverage to my foundation. This is a bonus for me as I already wear a medium-full coverage foundation and don't want the look to go overboard. While Mattifying Compact Powder comes with a flat powder puff applicator but I would use my fluffy powder brush instead any day because it offers a smooth, natural and fast application every time. If there is one thing you must try from Nvey Eco, this is it. I promise!
Tip: For best results, use a powder brush and really get in there with the brush. Once you have loaded up the brush then 'stipple' (press and roll) Mattifying Compact Powder over skin for a natural finish.
Purchased: No.
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