Review: ModelCo Miracle Veil Skin Perfecting Fluid

ModelCo Miracle Veil Skin Perfecting Fluid ★★½
Price: $54.00
Size: 30ml
About: makeup primer with a liquid consistency designed to even out skin tone and increase the longevity of each makeup application. Packaged in a plastic tube with a pump applicator.
Review: While I was hoping to give this product nothing but praise, I have mixed opinions on Miracle Veil Skin Perfecting Fluid. When my favourite green-based primer was recently discontinued I started to search for its replacement - a green based primer which served a similar purpose. Why a green primer? Because green counteracts pink and red tones such as broken capillaries, acne and flushed cheeks. Green-based products even out skin tone. While I did not expect to find a product which would outperform my beloved discontinued product, my expectations were high. Having recently tried ModelCo's Fibre Lash Mascara (and loving it by the way!!) I was convinced that Miracle Veil Skin Perfecting Fluid would blow me away. While Miracle Veil Skin Perfecting Fluid met my needs as a green-based primer, the formula sadly is not concentrated enough which means the green tinge blends out over skin and disappears quickly. Every day for two weeks I applied this before makeup application, starting on one side of my face and then comparing the other side in hope of detecting a difference. The result: there was no distinct difference which left me feeling disappointed. When wearing this primer under makeup, I found that by lunchtime I would notice the need to powder skin and reapply foundation on areas where it has faded almost completely. I do enjoy the consistency of the formula which is lightweight, smooth and blends in to the skin with ease. My skin does not tend to break out when using this, which is fantastic because primers with a heavier consistency can clog my skin and encourage it to break out. Having said that, the formula seems to dry skin out a little and I have noticed mine feels drier and a little flakier after using this. The formula is rather safe to use but for those with sensitive skin I would like to point out that ingredients include parabens, mineral oil and acrylates. I love the gorgeous packaging - its hot pink plastic squeeze tube and pump applicator nozzle make for easy and convenient packaging to keep in your beauty bag or travel case. With ModelCo being a much loved Australian brand, I did expect a lot from Miracle Veil Skin Perfecting Fluid. While I believe this product truly has a lot of potential, the formula is not quite there yet. I really hope that one day this product is a primer that lasts throughout the day, offers a concentrated green coverage, and boasts SPF protection. If it happens then Miracle Veil Skin Perfecting Fluid would become my holy grail green primer hands down. Until then though, I will have to continue my search...
Purchased: No
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