Review: Fudge Daily Mint Conditioner

Fudge Daily Mint Conditioner ★★★★★
Price: $16.95
Size: 300ml
About: conditioner designed to reduce oil production in the hair whilst hydrating and conditioning the hair. Packaged in a plastic squeeze bottle with flip-lip applicator.
Review: Daily Mint Conditioner is silky and velvet-like with a rich, creamy texture, which resembles something similar to whipped butter. The formula boasts a delightfully uplifting minty fragrance that stimulates my mind and enhances my mood, making me more alert, energised and rejuvenated. The consistency is ultra thick and because of that, it’s a bit of an effort to squeeze and shake a  decent-size blob of product from the bottle.  Despite the thickness, this non-greasy conditioner is easy to distribute through my strands, from lengths to tips, using the finger comb method, while it gets straight to work eliminating any tangles and knots. During this process, I also spend a minute or so massaging this in to my oily scalp to clear build-up, boost circulation and encourage healthy hair growth (this is also extremely relaxing and a great way to relieve tension). I then concentrate on the more needy ends. It rinses off with warm water and even while still wet, my hair feels instantly softer and smoother. But I would have to say the best part is experiencing the soothing, tingly sensation on my scalp.

After drying, my locks are left soft, nourished, super shiny and more manageable, without being weighed down. It also helps banish my frizzy flyaways, so my locks are sleek, smooth and glossy. For hours after washing my scalp remains cool and feeling refreshed, while my tresses are infused with that gorgeous minty aroma that screams clean. The additional benefits of this conditioner include its anti-ageing properties, strengthening and restoring abilities, along with scalp care and maintenance which are relevant to my hair care needs. Also the free radical protection against heat styling, UV and environmental assault is a positive advantage. Maintaining a healthy scalp is important to me because when my scalp is in good condition, it yields greater results for my hair. This conditioner has worked wonders at alleviating the irritation associated with my dry, itchy, sometimes flaky scalp and because I spend lots of time outdoors, it’s great to have peace of mind that my hair is safeguarded from the elements. Living in the topics, the heat and humidity wreaks havoc on my mane and proves to be an ongoing challenge, so I’m especially looking forward to incorporating this conditioner to my hair care routine during summer to sustain not only the benefits, but the cool, invigorating, experience that I enjoy every single wash.

Since I started using Daily Mint Conditioner, I have seen a noticeable improvement in the strength, texture and overall appearance of my strands, with the increased shine clearly evident. It soothes my scalp, imparts additional hydration to my hair, particularly to the frazzled looking ends, whilst repairing existing damage. Featuring de-stressing and detoxifying capabilities this conditioner is guaranteed to leave hair and the scalp feeling completely replenished and smelling sensational. I would classify the minty fragrance as a unisex scent, therefore, I recommend the Fudge Daily Mint Conditioner to both male and females.  It is mild and gentle enough to use on a daily basis and I believe it’s the perfect way to kick-start your day, with an energising lift that will care for your hair.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Melanie Kuziemko, Yeah Yeah, Ragger Ragger