Review: Cedel Dry Shampoo

Cedel Dry Shampoo ★★★★
Price: $3.99+
Size: 30g | 70g | 100g
About: revitalising hair powder designed to absorb and prevent excess oil and shine on the hair's surface. Original formula designed for blonde, grey and light brown hair tones. Packaged in an aluminium spray can.
Review: Just as Barack Obama famously chanted 'Yes We Can' for his presidential election campaign, I too say this for Cedel Dry Shampoo. Can we save hair washing for another day? Yes We Can. Can we do something far more important that waste time washing hair today? Yes We Can now because dry shampoo is saving hair one woman at a time. These nifty purple bottles come in two different sizes and two different varieties too (use the purple can for fair hair and for brunettes why not try the blue bottle). Each bottle is loaded with clever powder which when sprayed in to the roots will absorb excess oil to give hair a clean, fresh look all over again. Yes you still need to wash hair every few days, but with Cedel Dry Shampoo you can push your hair washing session back a day or two.

Fact: Blondes have to wash hair more often because shine of any kind makes blonde locks look dirty and unkempt. Dry Shampoo addresses this issue and gives blondes the confidence to head out in to the public without feeling as though they don't care much for their appearance. I should know because I am a fellow blonde and for years dry shampoo has been my hair's number one saviour.

While I love almost everything about Cedel Dry Shampoo (including the awesome smaller size bottles for keeping in the handbag or taking with you to the gym), I was disappointed to discover that towards the end of its life, the nozzle misbehaved. The result: it backfired and somehow kept spaying the icy cold powder all over my finger press the button, in turn giving me a freezing sensation that I can only describe as being as cold as frostbite (or at least I imagine it would, LOL). I was prepared to issue Cedel Dry Shampoo with a full five stars because it is so accessible and easy to find in leading supermarkets and pharmacies but sadly it has lost a star for the malfunction. Water-free, this powder offers a dry clean powder that feels lightweight and does not build up in the hair.

I would like to purchase this product again in future because Cedel is Australian-made, I love to support my local businesses and I was thrilled with this handy little bottle until its final days. Therefore I have my fingers crossed that the nozzle was a one-off and that Cedel Dry Shampoo will remain a staple in my beauty routine.
Purchased? Yes.
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