Review: Australis Nail Colour

Australis Nail Colour ★★★
Price: $7.95
About: streak free, chip resistant nail polish packaged in a glass nail polish bottle with brush applicator.
Review: I have a confession: I am a nail polish addict and I am always searching for affordable, long lasting nail polishes. With its outstanding range of fun and fabulous wearable colours, Australis Nail Colour is certainly worth a look at when you're next shopping for a new nail polish. The bottle is a unique cylindrical shape that is easy to recognise at Priceline stores and pharmacies and if you have a passion for polish like me, you will find that Nail Colour bottles are easy to identify in an extensive nail polish collection. While Australis claims the formula is hard wearing and chip resistant, I must disagree but you will come home with a lovely new nail colour and change from $10, and I personally think Australis Nail Colour is one of the best on the shelves. I admit that I do seem to need more than two coats in order to achieve the colour intensity seen inside the bottle and therefore the pigment is not as strong as I would have liked because anything more than two coats is time consuming. To ensure Nail Colour lasts on the nails I recommend using a top coat over the nail colour as the thin formula chipped much sooner than I had hoped (half a day). Nail Colour comes in a great range of colours and is also available sporadically in limited edition shades. 
Purchased? No.
Reviewed by: Sara Wellington
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