Review: Al'chemy Macadamia & Wheat Protein Conditioner

Al'chemy Macadamia & Wheat Protein Conditioner ★★★½
Price: $14.50+
Size: 255ml | 500ml
About: conditioner for dry, damaged hair with split ends. Can be used on the hair lengths and scalp. Suitable also for those with sensitive skin. Packaged in a plastic squeeze bottle with flip lid.
Review: Al’chemy Macadamia and Wheat Protein Conditioner is for damaged hair and split ends which was what convinced me to test it. Having an abundance of split ends myself I thought I’d see if I could buy some extra time before I’d have to visit the hairdresser again. Unfortunately after using it for a few weeks, my date with the scissors doesn’t seem to be any further off, however, the healthier parts of my hair are looking better than ever! After using it for a week I noticed that my hair remained cleaner for longer and I didn’t have to wash it as often as I normally do. This is due, I’m sure, in large part to it being paraben free, and the natural ingredients Al’chemy use in their 100% vegan product, including Jojoba oil. After I washed my hair with Macadamia & Wheat Protein Conditioner for the first time it didn’t feel quite as glossy and silky as main brand conditioners make it, but it definitely untangled my hair easily and soothed my scalp which can sometimes get a bit irritated.

I have A LOT of hair; it’s very long and quite thick, so I had to use a good handful of the conditioner for it to reach all areas of my hair. In that regard I didn’t feel like a little went a long way like I do with some expensive hair products, but obviously my hair is a special case and I think those with normal hair lengths and thickness would find that the bottle would last roughly one and a half to two months. The 255ml bottle is tall and slim with a flip cap to easily dispense the conditioner and keep in the shower. While the aroma of wheat and softer hints of macadamia are quite obvious when the formula is applied, this scent does not linger in the hair after it is dried. That being said, I used a supermarket brand shampoo with the Al’chemy conditioner which may have over-powered the subtle scent of wheat and macadamia - this scent may be stronger if you were to combine their shampoo and conditioner together. Although I don’t feel as though my split and damaged ends were particularly improved, the rest of my hair was practically glowing from the results, and to be honest I feel as though the ends of my hair may be a little beyond repair. Al’chemy is an Australian made and owned brand, and do not test their products on animals. Their 100% vegan products demonstrate their desire to create good haircare products that use natural and nurturing ingredients, something they have created with their Macadamia and Wheat Protein Conditioner.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Rebecca Pryke.
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