Have You Been Dupe'd?

I have just been Dupe'd... and I am thrilled about it!! Designed by the creators of Havianas comes another Brazilian success. DupĂ© (pronounced 'doo pay') have provided premium and comfortable thongs for over 42 years - and they know just what Aussie thong lovers expect from a good thong! The sister brand of Havianas, Dupe are available in a range of colours and shapes for the whole family. Dupe thongs proudly stock stylish and super soft designs that are extremely affordable - women's footwear starts at just $14.99. The quality range includes styles featuring a specially formulated rubber technology called HXP Gel. This technology has been formulated throughout the thong for added durability and comfort, while also incorporating a buttery soft cushioning to the heel for added support. So where can you purchase yours? Head to www.dupeaustralia.com.au