5 Minutes With ... Sheridyn Fisher, Sheridyn Swim & Model

Model, swimwear designer, and actress are some of the many titles Sheridyn Fisher has under her belt. A hard-working, passionate and determined young woman, Sheridyn has represented herself in the modelling industry since she was just 15, landing herself amazing opportunities along the way. You may have seen her as the girl in the Dodo Internet commercial, ambassador for Bras n Things' and the face of Playboy lingerie. She has been featured in an array of magazines and featured in campaigns for Von Zipper, ICE Design, Blockout and her swim label, Sheridyn Swim. A regular Playmate at the Playboy Playmate House, it is no wonder that this busy Aussie model with her fresh, girl-next-door appeal has been modelling for over 10 years. Having just returned from the Los Angeles, US we sat down with Sheridyn to have a chat about her whirlwind career, Sheridyn Swim and where-to from here...

Sheridyn, had you always wanted to become a professional model or did you stumble in to it?
I grew up as massive tomboy and did not even start wearing makeup until I was 15. I was always in my soccer shorts, hair pulled up and did not know how to style myself. When I got my braces off and started taking care of my appearance I was approached in Sydney by an agency. I did my first ever photo shoot, but did not join with the agency. I started to promote myself and it went from there....

The past 10 years of your career have been a whirlwind. What are the highlights?
It has truly been a very amazing journey with ups and downs, but I have worked very hard in every aspect of what I do. I am not only a model but an actress, designer, makeup artist, photographer, editor, art director and run my own photo studio, Swan Productions, and swimwear line Sheridyn Swim. I am a hard working business woman! I have had so many amazing highlights. Being involved with so many incredible companies  I model for, where I travel and promote things close to my heart like animal welfare. It is just amazing.

Considering you are not agency represented, has it been a difficult journey?
It has not been an easy journey. I am always asked, "how do you become a model?" and there is no easy answer. I have built my career over 10 years, using the knowledge I have gained, marketing myself and working as a business woman. 

Do you have any career regets? If so what would you change?
I don't like to live life with regrets as I believe everything happens for a reason. Everything you do helps you grow in to the person you are meant to be. The good comes with the bad and I have learnt to take the negative experiences and people and turn these into a positive. There comes a time in your life when it literally just hits you and you realise that you need to take everything as it comes and learn from it. 

You have met a number of celebrities including Hugh Hefner. Who is your favourite celebrity? 
I have met so many amazing people in my journey who have influenced me in a positive way.  I recently met the amazing Megan Gale when I was presenting the Astra Awards and I was blown away with her beauty. She is a beautiful person on the inside too. I love Jennifer Hawkins, she really inspires me so much and I am a huge fan of Holly Madison - she is so sweet!

To those who dream of becoming a successful model, what advice could you offer?
Never stop believing and striving for your goals and dreams! It's up to you to make them happen. No one else will do it for you!

You have thousands of gorgeous images in your portfolio! How do you continue to find inspiration?
Anyone who knows me knows that I am 100 miles an hour! I wake up at 6am and just go, go, go, doing 50 projects at once until I burn out and do it again the next day. I always have so many ideas, concepts and the problem is not having enough TIME to do it all! I am also a creative director and direct a lot of campaign shoot's, so I am always creating and getting inspiration, coming up with ideas for not only myself but for companies! I live to be creative and I love what I do! I wish I just had more time to do it all.

As a vegetarian and spokes model for PETA, what would you say to readers who may wish to adopt this lifestyle change?
Do your research on what you are putting in your body. I am not hear to change people's perceptions,  I just want people to find out the truth for themselves. All clothing, shoes, and food and dairy products that contain animal derivatives have a story. It's just so sad when you really see what happens. Yes it's easier to turn a blind eye but I can't. It is not easy being vegan, especially with all the travelling I do but I am doing something I believe in.

Sheridyn Swim contains easy-to-wear pieces perfect for poolside and the beach. What inspires you when creating a new collection?
I am inspired by by summer, animals, the earth and all its beauty. I love hand painting animal-inspired prints to make the swimsuits unique. I really enjoy drawing new designs and trying new ideas.

In a few words, how would you describe the Sheridyn Fisher Swimwear consumer?
Fun, beach girl, chic, sexy and adventurous! Someone who loves to stand out and have fun in the sun!

Spoilt HQ adores your Marilyn Boyleg One Piece Swimsuit! What makes you feel Spoilt
Honestly, just being at home with my animals and my amazing fiancĂ©. That really makes me feel spoilt! What's better than cuddles with the ones you love? No money in the world can buy that. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Still continuing my journey and expanding more into the acting side. I am currently doing a number of films and I am very passionate about acting ... so that is my next adventure!

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