5 Minutes With... Kirsten Beck, Designer for Molly & Polly

Image: Princess Polly
Talented designer, Kirsten Beck.

Hands up if you're addicted to swimsuits? At last count (and a big wardrobe clean up), I have 15 swimsuits and adore every single design. Swimwear is a fun and sexy way to display your personal style. Emerging swimwear / leggings designer, Kirsten Beck of Molly & Polly is branching out with unique creations that scream look at me! The label launched earlier this year with a fantastic retro campaign, shot on the Gold Coast in Queensland where she moved to from Townsville to focus on her career.  This talented Australian designer is not just a pretty face - she is smart and determined to succeed. And if her short, successful career is not remarkable enough, how about the fact she is just 22! Molly & Polly's Spring/Summer 2012 collection is set to debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane later this month showcasing 22 stunning vintage designs and prints. We managed to sit with Kirsten for five minutes to chat about the label and where it is headed.

Kirsten when did Molly & Polly launch and how did it come about
Molly & Polly launched just this year in February at 2012 Gold Coast Fashion Week in Queensland.

We love the memorable name! Why Molly and Polly? 
Molly & Polly are my two pet Indian ring neck parrots that I hand raised from babies – they are cheeky little things. I bought them from a breeder two years ago, just as I was launching my label. I love them so much! 

Who or what inspires you when designing a new collection?  
Molly & Polly's new collection Sugar Mountain is inspired by pastels, child hood memories and fresh prints. It is set to launch in a few weeks.

Where is Molly & Polly made? 
Molly & Polly swimwear and leggings are all made locally in Australia and it really shows in the quality of our garments. 

What advice can you offer to care for delicate swimwear? 
My best advice would be to hand wash them in cold water and let your swimmers dry in the shade (never in direct sunlight – this may make them fade).

How would you describe the Molly & Polly consumer? 
She is a fun, happy, festival going, summer lovin’ lady!

Who would you most love to see wearing Molly & Polly? 
I love Miley Cyrus! I think Liam Hemsworth should introduce his girl to some Aussie labels ... such as Molly & Polly Swim!

Your Sunset High collection looks like so much fun! How did this shoot come about
The idea came about because I drove past the location on a daily basis on the beautiful Gold Coast and thought, Wow I would love to shoot there!

You are set to appear in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane later this month...
The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival is a great program, this will hopefully put Molly &  Polly on an international level alongside the best swimwear labels in the world. We hope to get the new brand out there and have the audience wanting more.

What trends do you predict this summer? 
Summer 2012/13 will be hot, hot, hot! With fluoro making a comeback, pastels everywhere and a Hawaiian prints to heat things up!

Kirsten, what makes you feel Spoilt
A nice new candle and a warm bubble bath.  

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