5 Minutes With ... Erin Holland, Miss Universe Australia 2013

Erin Holland is a sweetheart. At the ripe age of 23, the world is her oyster. Erin and I met earlier this year at a photo shoot. A model, singer and dancer, Erin is a bright and bubbly young woman, a fantastic ball of energy and loved by all who meet her. When she was 17, Erin made a bold choice to move from her home town of Cairns to Sydney to focus on her dreams. Having modelled for less than a year, Erin is already making a name for herself as a singer, dancer and model, and with all of this talent she became a Top 10 finalist in 2012 Miss World Australia and then took out the title of Miss World Australia this year!!! We sat down to chat with Erin ...

A singer, model and dancer... phew, you are certainly busy! Which comes first? Well I have always been a singer and dancer first, but since graduating from my degree last year at the Sydney Conservatorium (Music Performance in Voice), I have found myself modelling for the majority of the time.

Brought up in Cairns QLD, you now reside in Sydney. Why did you make the move? Although Cairns was an absolutely gorgeous place to grow up in, I always knew I wanted to make a career in the entertainment industry, thus relocating to a large city like Sydney was absolutely essential. We have a wealth of talented teachers up north but we simply don't have the work. I thrive on big cities and I haven't regretted the move for a second.

Congratulations on becoming Miss World Australia 2013!! So proud of you! How are you feeling? Completely humbled and overwhelmed - the Miss World Australia experience has, and will be, beyond amazing!!!

And you were a Top 10 National Finalist in the 2012 Miss World Australia contest! How did you find the experience? I had an absolutely AMAZING time with the Miss World team at Uluru! Miss World was a surprisingly enriching experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the fundraising efforts, talent and fitness components required of the competition - they are elements that set Miss World apart from your standard beauty pageants. Visiting culturally iconic Uluru was definitely a once in a lifetime experience, where we engaged in activities such as camel riding, visiting the remote aboriginal community we helped raise money for and watching the sunrise over Uluru itself.

What was your performance for Miss World Australia? I performed "I Dreamed a Dream" from the musical 'Les Miserables'. 

All finalists were required to raise funds for the Indigenous Outreach Program. Can you explain what the program does? Every year, as part of the International "Beauty With a Purpose" Charity pioneered by the Miss World organisation, Miss World Australia chooses a charity for its finalists to support. This year, they chose to support the Lilla Community of the Northern Territory, a remote aboriginal community in desperate need of support. The community compiled a wish list of basic necessities that would ultimately help it become self-sufficient. Together, finalists raised over $52,000 in 2012!

We love your beautiful portfolio. What do you enjoy most about modelling? For me, it's an amazing outlet to express myself as a performer. I don't think of it as simply creating a pretty picture, I look at every shoot as a performance, embodying a different character or emotion with every frame. I haven't been modelling for long, but my background in dance and acting has definitely made the transition easier.

You have a great figure! What is your best health and fitness advice? I have an incredibly busy schedule where I am always on the run, so keeping healthy snacks in my handbag is a must - particularly on long days on set! I also take regular dance classes and walk everywhere - I often clock up over 10 km's a day just walking around when I have castings booked all over the city!

When not modelling, singing and dancing, what do you like to do in your spare time? Ahhh spare time... not a lot of that in my life these days! But when I do, spending time with my partner and catching up with the friends are always my top priority.

Your favourite fashion labels:­ I shot a whole new range for Gosh Celebrity Fashion with labels such as Honey and Beau, Shilla and Blessed Are The Meek - I just wanted to take everything home with me!

Your must-have beauty products: I am completely addicted to eyelash extensions at the moment... Even without a scrap of make-up on I feel amazing with these on.

Erin, what makes you feel Spoilt? Ooh anything shiny and sparkly... I'm such a girl!

Website: Erin Holland | *Images: Erin Holland & all associated photographers. | Images 3 & 5: Makeup by Tammerly.