Review: Vani-T Body Shampoo

Vani-T Body Shampoo
Price: $20.95
Size: 200 ml
About: cleansing soap-free body wash made from all-natural ingredients. Packaged in a pink plastic squeeze bottle with flip lid.
Review: Dear Vani-T, could I please have a lifetime supply of Body Shampoo because this would have to be the best body wash on the market! Yes, you read correctly folks - I can't find anything to fault about Body Shampoo. This all natural soap-free body wash is simply divine in every aspect. The gel formula foams up to perfection like a shampoo, giving skin a clean feel. The fresh, alluring scent is so beautiful that I want to wear it as a fragrance ... oh how I pine for this fragrant pink frangipani and vanilla scent as it leaves my skin and washes down the drain. Body Shampoo contains natural ingredients cucumber, apricot, as well as hydrating botanical oils from coconut, macadamia and sunflower. If you are concerned about Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) and Parabens then you must rejoice because there are none of these nasties in Body Shampoo. While Vani-T claims that Body Shampoo is so good for your skin you can use it as a cleanser for the face, I did not try it but Body Shampoo certainly makes a stellar shave gel. I must start buying Body Shampoo in bulk because I am addicted to this beautiful product and would highly recommend to all.
Purchased: No.
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