PRODUCT REVIEW: Mavala Eyelight Eye-Liner

Mavala Eyelight Eye-Liner ★★★★
Price: $22.50
Size: 5ml
About: liquid eye liner packaged in a black mascara-style tube with ultra fine brush applicator.
Review: for me personally, finding a liquid eye liner which goes on with ease and does not make a mess it a tricky feat. I can count on one hand the liquid liners I like and Eyelight Eye-Liner has fortunately made this list. My first introduction to Mavala Switzerland, Eyelight Eye-Liner has already given me a good indication that Mavala products are well worth the money. Why? Because after two applications I was already feeling like a liquid liner professional! With a bit of practice, and a steady hand I mastered a sexy, slinky 40's eye with a slight flicker on the ends. I was so surprised to discover just how easy application is because many difficult products over the years have put me off liquid liners and I generally turn to pencil or gel liners instead. But Eyelight Eye-Liner... I love it and I can't wait to wear it out again.
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