Review: L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Night Cream

L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Night Cream ★★★½
Price: $98.00
Size: 50 ml
About: facial moisturiser suitable for evening use, offering triple action benefits for firmer skin and reduced appearance of wrinkles. Packaged in a glass jar with a twist lid.
Review: I am a hard consumer to impress but L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Night Cream is an impressive night cream. Its thick balm-like consistency feels comfortable and gentle. Immortelle Precious Night Cream offers skin the ultimate in hydration thanks to the organic Immortelle plant which hails from the French island of Corsica. Immortelle Precious Night Cream does contain a strong scent, which I personally found to be a little overwhelming, however the floral scent is pleasant none-the-less. Immortelle Precious Night Cream is jam packed with a long list of ingredients, many of which are essential or plant oils and other natural ingredients. Its star ingredient, neryle acetate helps to restructure and re-densify the skin. Impressive! There are no listed parabens and the product claims to be non-comedogenic (meaning that it does not block pores) which is a plus for many women out there. After having used this night cream for around a month now, my skin is feeling much softer, smoother, firmer and it appears more plump. Having said all of this though, I do not feel that there has been a visible reduction in wrinkles around my eyes or mouth. Personally, I believe that Immortelle Precious Night Cream is best suited to women with dry or mature skin in need of hydration, however I probably would turn to Immortelle Precious Night Cream for anti-ageing because in the time I was using it, I just did not see any anti-ageing benefits which the product claims to serve. L’Occitane Precious Night Cream instructs to apply the cream in a massaging motion in the evening to clean, dry skin which I found was the most effective way to reap the benefits this formula has to offer. Packaged in a glass pot, I admit that I was concerned about dropping this, however I was more so concerned about the fact that moisturiser jars tend to harbour and breed bacteria, and often the ingredients can go stale at a faster rate. Overall though I have enjoyed trialling Immortelle Precious Night Cream and will consider purchasing it in future because it is priced about right and is good value for money.
Purchased: No
Reviewed by: Alexandra Davy (edited by Spoilt).
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