Review: Gorgeous Cosmetics Endless Summer Bronzer

Gorgeous Cosmetics Endless Summer Bronzer ★★★★★
Price: $49.00
Size: 12g
About: pressed powder bronzer for the face. Packaged in a plastic black compact with mirror.
Review: Want your face to look tanned and toned all year around? Look no further because Endless Summer Bronzer is the solution to all of your pale, pasty woes. Available in two natural shades of brown, Endless Summer Bronzer can be used on fair and tanned skin tones while giving a beautiful natural chocolate hue to warm skin in all the right places. Its ultra fine formula has been triple-milled to ensure the powder is evenly dispersed and therefore your fluffy makeup brush will not collect and distribute the formula in chunks. The powder is embossed with a lovely 'g' which reminds you that not only is this a 'g'reat product, it is also a Gorgeous Cosmetics product and Gorgeous are the leaders in quality makeup. Free from parabens, Endless Bronzer is packaged in a streamline compact perfect to keep in your hand bag or desk drawer. Shade 01 is for fair/olive skin tones while shade 02 is suitable for medium/dark tones. The beautiful natural brown powder does not give off that pink/terracotta tone that many bronzers contain. Shade 01 is truly the perfect shade for my fair skin and I will buy this in future ... one hundred per cent!
Tip: bronzer is best applied just under the cheekbone, along the temples/corners of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose and lightly down the neck to blend into the skin tone on your chest..
Purchased: No.
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