Review: Gorgeous Cosmetics First Base Foundation Primer

Gorgeous Cosmetics First Base Foundation Primer ★★★★★
Price: $39.00
Size: 30ml
About: makeup primer designed to assist your makeup to last longer throughout the day and night. Packaged in a white plastic bottle with pump applicator.
Review: If I could simply sum up my thoughts in a couple of words it would be to the point: I adore this primer... and every woman must own one! Gorgeous Cosmetics proudly house some of the best pigments, consistencies and colours that I have ever used on myself and in my makeup kit, yet they still manage to amaze me with their delightful products which simply do what they claim. It baffles me to see so many brands falsely promising a product will achieve this and that - but not Gorgeous Cosmetics, I am yet to discover a product that disappoints me. First Base Foundation Primer contains beautiful clean white packaging and inside it lies a white primer with a smooth creamy consistency. The scent is the first thing to have suckered me in from the start: Gorgeous' subtle signature scent which is found in their liquid cosmetics always draws me in. One pump is all you need to cover your face and neck because the formula just spreads and spreads, meaning that it is going to last longer than its competitors. The smooth formula blends in to the skin quickly and does not leave a sticky or greasy residue. Once the primer has set on skin, foundation application is a breeze, blending seamlessly over the skin and staying put for hours. On an average day I apply my makeup around 7am and do not remove until 6.30pm so I do expect a lot from my makeup because as a makeup artist, I cannot go about my day with bad makeup - what would the world think of me (ha ha)! First Base Primer contains Aloe Vera making it ideal for sensitive and acneic skin types. the consistency is lightweight which means it will not sit on the skin for hours or clog up pores. For under $50 First Base Primer is a stellar buy and I will no doubt use this product on my skin and on my clients' for many years to come.
Purchased: No.
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