Review: Goldwell Kerasilk Ultra Rich Care Treatment

Goldwell Kerasilk Ultra Rich Care Treatment ★★★★½
Price: $20.95
Size: 225ml
About: intense conditioning treatment for dry, damaged, chemically relaxed or over-processed hair. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with a flip lid.
Review: I have long hair, down to the middle of my back, and although it is in fairly good condition, there is no denying that over the years it has been through tremendous abuse. The ends are currently dry and stressed from chemical damage thanks to colour sessions at the salon several times a year and the daily wear and tear from heat styling. Goldwell Kerasilk Ultra Rich Care Treatment is offering intense conditioning for extremely dry, damaged or chemically stressed hair and this is just what my hair needed. The treatment is a thick cream, which is applied after washing hair and left on for 5 minutes for a quick fix. For an intense treatment, I advise to leave the treatment on for at least 20-30mins. The treatment works even better if used with a shower cap as the heat can help the treatment penetrate deeper into the hair. 
Being so thick and creamy, you could imagine the treatment being difficult to rinse out, but that is not the case – it rinses out easily, without leaving behind a greasy residue (unless it is because my hair has been so dry that it has simply absorbed it all!!) After rinsing the treatment out, my hair is extremely easy to comb, and once dry I am surprised at how soft my hair actually feels – it is soft like silk, shiny and much healthier looking. Even the ends of my hair feel quenched with moisture. Goldwell Kerasilk Ultra Rich Care Treatment contains Silk Proteins, natural care lipids and pure Jojoba Oil which help rebalance the hair structure, make it soft and easy to manage, and this really does seem to be the case. I can see and feel the difference in my hair after each treatment, and love the way it feels when I run my fingers through my hair.
Goldwell Kerasilk Ultra Rich Care Treatment does contain parabens and other chemicals but then again this is still the case for many salon brands. The treatment also contains silicone in the form of amodimethicone and dimethicone, which is suspected to cause problematic build-up on the surface of the hair which can lead to hair that feels weighed down and limp. I have been using this twice per week and I have not noticed any issues with these ingredients in my hair. I really feel that it is improving the health and look of my hair. Goldwell Kerasilk Ultra Rich Care Treatment has a pleasant but very subtle floral scent, which I really like and this scent stays in the hair once dry, although it is very faint. The treatment comes in an easy to use gold coloured tube with a red flip lid, and the tube is designed to stand on its lid, which I like, as that way I know that I can use up every last drop of product.
At just $21 for a large tube, I find that this is a rather cheap salon brand hair treatment considering its proven high performance. Used once per week, the tube will last quite a long time - it is so concentrated that not a lot is needed. Goldwell Kerasilk Ultra Rich Care Treatment is one of the best hydrating hair treatments that I have ever used so I highly recommend it and will most definitely purchase in future.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Karina Nyholm-Hunter.

Goldwell Kerasilk Rich Care Treatment ★★★★
Price: $20.95
Size: 225ml
About: intense conditioning treatment for dry, damaged, chemically relaxed or over-processed hair. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with a flip lid.
Review: With the common dilemma of having oiler roots and dryer ends – it is hard to find a treatment that does not weigh and flatten my hair down. I have loved using this product. After shampooing, I towel dry my hair and applied a 20c piece size through my lengths and ends. The smell is subtle and earthy – a little like wheat fields. Reading the ingredients I notice the product does actually contain Silk and wheat flour oils. There's something reassuring about how natural this product is. There are also no silicones that coat the hair, making it feel soft, but causing long term damage. Rinsing after 5 minutes and allowing to dry, I find my hair is soft, without being weighed down or separating in sections like it can after a heavier, oiler product. I don't think this product would provide enough nourishment for super dry hair types – but Goldwell have catered for that clientele with their Ultra Rich Care range.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Jade Frances.
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