Review: Australis Multi Mega Lash Mascara

Australis Multi Mega Lash Mascara ★★½
Price: $12.95
About: Volumising mascara designed to thicken and lengthen lashes. Packaged in a thick cylindrical tube with an oversized mascara brush.
Review: I was excited when I first got my hands on this new mascara. Australis Multi Mega Lash Mascara claims make lashes longer, thicker and fuller but I must say that after having used this mascara a few times, I am quite disappointed with this product. Australis have done a great job creating eye-catching packaging, which is bright and fun, although the benefits of this mascara ends there. Australis Multi Mega Lash Mascara features an oversized brush, which tends to make mascara application extremely difficult. Due to the excessive size of the wand, I have not successfully applied the mascara without getting it all around my eye lashes - the skin around the lower and upper eye. This has made the mascara acutely irritating to use, as I spend more time trying to clean the excess mascara off my skin then I do actually putting the mascara on! Australis Multi Mega Lash Mascara also has an unpleasant scent, which is very noticeable as soon as the mascara is opened. The mascara formula is quite dry and tends to set mid-way through application. As a result I am left with lashes that appear very separated and clumpy. While I would not recommend for those with small lashes or if your eye area tends to water, I would not use this in future myself. Currently available only in Blackest Black.
Purchased: No
Reviewed by: Alexandra Davy
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