A Dairy-Free Probiotic Beverage? I'll Take Four...

Product Talk by Nuffnang
Here at Spoilt we regularly harp on about fashion and beauty news and occasionally we talk about ways to stay healthy. If you experience lactose intolerance or ongoing bloating issues then read on because this product is going to change your life (or, at least your healthy gut flora).

Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice with Probiotic Cultures is a unique fruit juice, and the only one of its kind in Australia. Free from dairy with no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours, Healthy Life Fruit Juice tastes fantastic and fresh. Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice is currently available in two delicious flavours: Apple & Mango, and Breakfast, and comes in two sizes: 1 litre ($4.99) and 300ml ($2.79).

If you are unsure about probiotics then allow me to explain: these tiny micro organisms are friendly bacteria designed to live and assist in the human digestive system. While every person's body contains an average of 1 trillion probiotics, our bodies need as many as possible to continue to keep us healthy. These clever little bacterias work away to regulate various aspects of the immune system. Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice is suitable for anyone and everyone including children and pregnant women. 

Thanks to Golden Circle and Nuffnang, I had the opportunity to try Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice and I was thrilled because being both lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant, I constantly face a road block: as much as I need probiotics, I cannot consume dairy. I was so relieved to discover this beverage because a) I love juice and b) now I don't have to consume dairy which my body rejects. I purchased both flavours in a 1 litre bottle from the supermarket and could not wait to try them. My first impression was simple: I thought, these don't taste all too different from other juices in the fresh juice aisle. Of course these taste fresh and delicious, but I think I was expecting a burst of flavour where the probiotics erupted in my mouth, ha ha. But the probiotic cultures cannot be tasted and therefore you can go forth drinking fresh juice with added health benefits whilst still enjoying the Golden Circle flavours you have come to know and love. What more could you want?

While I would like to say that Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice has banished my bloat in the past two days, I am yet to experience a change and feel that this beverage needs to be consumed on a regular basis for a week or two before healthy benefits start to really show. None-the-less I will continue to persist and purchase Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice in future because my food intolerances restrict me from eating and drinking a lot of things that the majority of people take for granted and I want to feel healthy and comfortable in my body just as much as everyone else.

Fact: every 200ml serving contains an amazing 1 billion Probi Defendum, a good bacteria which has been scientifically proven to boost the body's natural immune system. Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice with Probiotic Cultures also contains double the recommended amount of Vitamin C per serving size to prevent colds and flus. For best results, consume Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice and enjoy a balanced diet.

Tip: keep these juices in the fridge when you are not using them to ensure the delicate probiotics do not die.

Where can I buy? Golden Circle Healthy Life Fruit Juice is available in the chilled section at leading supermarkets and selected independent retails in NSW, VIC and QLD... even my local Coles supermarket stocks it and they never seem to have anything I want!

Would you prefer your probiotic cultures in juice or dairy form?