5 Minutes With ... Ivana & Katerina Swimwear

Ivana Milosevic and Katerina Dendy met a few years ago thanks to their mutual  love of fashion design. In 2008 they joined forces to create Australian swimwear label, Ivana & Katerina, a feminine, unique label with beautiful one piece swimsuits and uber divine bikini sets. Based in South Australia, Nowadays Ivana, 25 and Katerina, 28 share their time between home and their love for America. Spoilt discovered Ivana & Katerina on Facebook after seeing fun and fabulous sneak-peek images from their new collection, The Empress. Excited about the label, we sat down with Katerina, one half of the designer duo, to learn more about Ivana & Katerina.

Why did you both choose to design swimwear? 
We both felt that there was a lack of truly original and fashion forward swimwear on the market. We set out to create something very different that would be a fashion statement whilst being practical and comfortable for swimming, wearing to the beach. We also wanted to create something that would be not only a swimsuit piece, but also transform into an item of clothing that could be worn as part of an outfit.

As emerging designers yourselves, would you say the industry is difficult to break in to? 
Yes, it is very difficult. You need to believe in yourself, your products and your ideas, and have a huge amount of commitment towards your business. Many sacrifices are made and a lot of hard work goes into creating and producing a line. Determination is key.

You're both so creative! What inspires the both of you when designing a new collection? 
Well we gather inspiration from many things such as our travels, different places, eras or phases in time, and the current world around us plays a huge part in inspiring our ideas and creations.

What advice can you offer to best care for delicate swimwear? 
Our best advice: be gentle with it, treat delicate swimwear with love and care. Always be sure to hand-wash your swimwear in cold water and lay flat to dry. (Editor's note: laying flat to dry prevents ghastly peg marks and pulls!) 

In a few words, how would you describe the Ivana & Katerina consumer? 
The Ivana & Katerina consumer is fashionable, savvy, worldly and a go-getter. She knows how to have fun and isn't afraid of standing out in the crowd and making a statement. She is fun. 

Which celebrities would you most love to wear Ivana & Katerina? 
Can we name more than one?? Katy Perry, Beyonce, (celebrity stylist) June Ambrose... gosh, the list could go on!

Would you say that Ivana & Katerina has a muse? 
Well from time to time we have looked toward silver screen icons and famous public figures for inspiration or as our muse. Show Pony, our very first collection, was based on a modern take of the 1950's and 1960's pin-up era. 

What makes you feel Spoilt?
We feel spoilt when we're on holidays taking a much needed break from our busy schedule! 

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