5 Minutes With... Carly Paiker, Carly Paiker Jewellery

Gorgeous designer, Carly Paiker

Just like her label, jewellery designer Carly Paiker is beautiful. Known for her feminine, romantic and captivating designs, this softly-spoken young woman has a Degree in Industrial Design up her sleeve. More importantly though, Carly, 27, makes a lot of references to Australia's sun drenched backdrop and beautiful beaches which has a lot to do with where she has come from. Moving from the sunny beaches of Perth to Sydney has been a great way for Carly's inspiration to flourish while building on the brand. We spent 5 minutes chatting with Carly about Carly Paiker Jewellery.

Carly, how long have you been designing for?
I have been designing for as long as I can remember. My grandparents owned a fabric factory in South Africa and growing up they would send me bags of the most amazing trimmings and new intricate materials found on their buying trips. I used to arrange them together with string and beads and create handmade pieces of jewellery. 

What made you venture in to designing jewellery?I studied Industrial Design at Uni where I learnt the basic skills of design, but jewellery was always a passion of mine and I began creating bespoke pieces that there was quickly a demand for. My first stockist was Luxe on the prestigious King St in Perth in between Louis Vuitton and Bally - and my business just took off from there!

You moved from Perth to Sydney to focus on your career. Was it the right choice?
Perth is always going to be 'home' as it's where I grew up and its personality is infused into my design aesthetic. I love the beauty of Sydney and find inspiration in so many places here, it's been a great city which has pushed me to take this business to the next level. It's also great to be surrounded by so many influential people in the fashion industry. 

In a few words, how would you describe the Carly Paiker consumer?
She is effortlessly chic and has a great appreciation for beauty and quality yet is not precious with the way she wears it. She is spirited and romantic with a strong sense of self. She is of no particular age, only of a mindset. 

When you design a new collection, where do you turn for inspiration?
Inspiration is found all around me. Usually when I start a collection I have a certain wearer or character in mind. I picture her story and find this is always a powerful starting point. I then draw upon motifs, photographs, blogs and objects that I find around me. Sometimes the start of a collection will be with an amazing new material or exotic leather that I have found on my travels. It's a very fluid process and no design process begins and ends in the same way.

We are loving the vibe in your recent campaign. Do you style campaigns yourself?
Yes I style all my own campaigns but work with a fantastic team on the shoot day. These campaigns are a fantastic collaboration between the photographer, makeup artist, model and myself. Shoot day is when my vision for the range comes together, when the character I imagine comes to life and the magic happens!

Which celebrity would you love to see wearing Carly Paiker Jewellery?
I adore Blake Lively's effortlessly glam style and would love to see her adorned in Carly Paiker Jewellery.

We just love your pretty, feminine designs. What makes you feel Spoilt?
Sunday afternoon walks on the beach....my home filled with candles and fresh flowers and gorgeous coffee tables books filled with pages of art and fashion!

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