Tetley Introduces Decaf Green Tea

Ok so we are now officially the world's fattest nation... but this doesn't mean Australians aren't concerned with what they consume. As many of us turn to healthier alternatives due to personal choice, lifestyle choice or food intolerances, green tea is becoming an increasingly popular hot beverage with a 10.9% increase in green tea sales in the past 3 months alone.

What is it: green tea is a hot beverage popular in China and Vietnam. As the name suggests, when added to water green tea is green in colour. It is extremely high in antioxidants and when consumed regularly can help assist with the body's metabolism.

It is estimated that around 25 per cent of Australians drink green tea on a weekly basis - but did you know that green tea contains caffeine? As you may know, caffeine is a quick-acting, potent stimulant, which triggers an effect similar to the stress response in the body. While caffeine may be a popular choice on a Monday morning, it’s not always right for certain people, or to consume before bed.While many Australians love the taste and its health benefits of green tea, many associate the beverage with caffeine and if you suffer any form of anxiety, then you may find beverages with caffeinedifficult to consume.

Introducing Tetley's Decaf Green Tea range: Australia's only decaffeinated green tea range available in supermarkets. The range contains three flavours: Green Tea (original), Green Tea with Mint and Green Tea with Pomegranate. Now you can have your green tea and drink it too at all hours of the day. The new range of Tetley’s original, mint and pomegranate decaffeinated green tea flavours are available in Woolworths, IGA and independent retailers.