Ricki Lee for Covergirl Australia

"Who doesn’t know the easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl line? I’m so excited to be the face
of the brand in Australia and help all girls find and rock their inner Covergirl!"
- Ricki-Lee

Covergirl Australia has just announced that Australian songstress and TV presenter, Ricki-Lee Coulter has signed on to be the brand's Australian ambassador. Gillian Franklin, a representative for the brand has told media, "Ricki-Lee is a wonderful addition to the Covergirl family. With her fresh, natural, confident and friendly style, she epitomises the spirit of Covergirl".

Ricki-Lee is said to have been chosen thanks to her friendly, approachable and grounded personality which make her likeable to a broader audience - and Ricki-Lee is thrilled with the appointment! She says, "Covergirl performs for me and I can’t wait to perform for Covergirl!" Watch this space.