Review: Revlon Classic Nail Enamel

Revlon Classic Nail Enamel ★★★½
Price: $13.95
About: nail enamel / nail polish packaged in Revlon's classic glass nail polish bottle. 
Review: In a nutshell, Classic Enamel is one of the best nail polishes I have tried on the lower end of the price scale. beautiful colours and decent quality. Available in a huge range of shades (45 to be exact), Classic Nail Enamel is well priced and easily accessible, available from pharmacies and supermarkets which makes it a great product. Classic Nail Enamel boasts a hydrating formula, enriched with a layer of silk proteins that help even out the nail surface. It claims to contain properties that prevent the formula from chipping or peeling and I agree that I did manage to extend the life of my nail polish when wearing Classic Nail Enamel - most last 2 days at most without chipping but this one only started showing minimal wear and tear by the end of day two. Because this product is quite readily available, you can duck out to your local supermarket and choose a shade to match your outfit before you head out the door - perfect! Oh and did I mention it is formaldehyde and toluene free.
Purchased: Yes.
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