Review: Manicare Precision Tweezers Pink

Manicare Precision Tweezers Pink ★★★½
Price: $11.95
About: slanted tweezers designed to aid with hair removal. 
Review: The main reason I purchased Manicare Precision Tweezers was because they are pink and I am glad that I did because for a budget pharmacy buy Precision Tweezers are good bang for your buck, however  I must say that these will go blunt after about 6 months and will need replacing. Since using these I have found a more expensive alternative which have lasted me two years and are still going strong so my best advice would be to buy Precision Tweezers if you are money conscious or try expensive alternatives if you can afford to. The pink plastic coating on it started peeling off everywhere which became messy and a pain in the neck and by this stage I decided to dispose of them when they still had a little bit of life in them so it was disappointing. I would buy Precision Tweezers in future and would be happy to pay more for them so long as the slanted point does not go blunt as quickly and the pink plastic does not peel.
Purchased: Yes.