Review: Colgate MaxWhite ONE

Colgate MaxWhite ONE
Price: $5.99
Size: 103g
About: toothpaste which claims to make teeth whiter in one week. Packaged in a stand-up toothpaste tube.
Review: After one week of using Colgate MaxWhite One I am pretty impressed with the results. While my teeth look relatively clean, there is always room for improvement. Colgate MaxWhite One is a toothpaste which is designed to whiten and brighten the appearance of teeth. The fresh minty-clean formula has a pleasant taste and leaves a pleasant gritty sensation on the tooth's surface (which I would assume to be fluoride), the squeeze tube is easy to use, and the gel consistency leaves a nice feel on teeth during and after brushing. If you wish to purchase Colgate MaxWhite One solely to whiten teeth, then you will be there for a while(!!) however when using Colgate MaxWhite One with a bleaching product that focuses solely on teeth whitening then I guarantee you will be pleased with the result.
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