Rachael Finch for Pantene Australia

Rachael Finch, gorgeous Australian model and former Miss Universe Australia 2009, has been selected as Pantene's Australian hair ambassador! As a professional model and presenter, Rachael Finch puts her hair through endless heating, styling and product build up so it is imperative that Rachael resorts to using products that nourish and repair her tired tresses. 
Since using Pantene, Rachael has seen a change to her hair - it has become stronger and less prone to split ends and dryness which she credits Pantene’s new Gold Standard product formulations and the lightweight moisturising Aqua Light Treatment. Check out Pantene's behind-the-scenes their TV commercial with Rachael (above).

To achieve Rachael’s super sleek and smooth look with a bit of a kink then follow these steps from Pantene Expert Hairstylist, Barney Martin: 
1) Barney suggests starting with a lightweight shampoo and conditioner - Rachael loves Pantene
Aqua Light – as it leaves your hair feeling light, not limp.
2) Towel dry making sure you just press the towel into the lengths of your hair so you don't cause
unnecessary tangles.
3) Take a side parting and apply Pantene Volume Mousse to the roots - this will help give hair that slight lift and also you will be able to rework it throughout the day and into the night.
4) Blow dry hair using a flat paddle brush to smooth out the cuticles so you retain the shine.
5) Take two inch sections and lightly spray with Pantene Body Builder Hairspray, then using large
velcro rollers, wrap the hair around the roller. Make sure you only roll up to the jaw line.
6) Blast with a hairdryer and allow them to cool before removing.
7) Remove the velcro rollers and separate the curls you have created with your fingers.
8) Finish with a light spritz of hairspray to hold in place and keep flyaways at bay. And you're done!