Hair Trend: Dipped Tips

If you are a fan of Pinterest (No? You should be), then you would have noticed the thousands of hair images pinned to boards on a daily basis. About 9 months ago I started to see a lot of balayage images and dipped hair tips emerge and have been hooked ever since. Yes, I know that balayage is not exactly a new trend but it is current and here to stay, especially when it involves dyeing your hair tips a completely different shade. Try pink, blue, orange, or red - whatever your decision, make it bright, unique and all about you.

After receiving a bottle of Fudge Paintbox, a temporary "fashion" hair dye designed to wash out as you wash your hair, I was intrigued and wanted to give the trend a shot ... but I highly doubted my workplace would approve of me wearing Pretty Flamingo, a bright pink tone, and so I decided against it. Recently I took annual leave and finally bit the bullet: I took my Paintbox tube along with me to my last hair appointment and my hairdresser gave me pink tips... I love it! I have received numerous compliments over the past two weeks from friends, family and a whole bunch of strangers - now I can't imagine going back to just 'blending in with the crowd'... I feel alive!!! For more hair inspiration why not check out our Hair board on Pinterest?

1. Purchase a Fudge Paintbox fashion dye (available in 30 bright and beautiful shades) and disposable gloves.
2. Once gloves are on apply a 20 cent piece sized amount of the product on your fingertips and carefully apply it to small pieces of hair anywhere from 5cm to 20cm length of your hair ends (best to decide where you want it to start before proceeding).
3. Gradually cover every strand by taking sections and ensuring the colour has been distributed evenly on the strands. Be sure to move coloured strands over your other shoulder so that the colour does not sit against hair lengths you do not wish to colour.
4. To avoid getting dye on the mid-lengths and roots, be sure to keep one hand available to lift and move the hair, otherwise be sure to have other clean disposable gloves on hand.
5. Once done, simply leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse the excess off after this time, being careful not to lift the ends of your hair and wash them with your roots: wash your ends separately to prevent the on-spread of colour.
6. Voila!As you wash your hair the colour will fade overtime to be sure to touch it up as needed.
7. Seem a little too tricky? Take a tube with you on your next hair appointment.

What are your thoughts on the 'dipped tips' trend? 

Images: Pinterest & Google Images.