Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura

"I design with shu uemura because other manufacturers do not offer such beautiful colors." 
- Karl Lagerfeld

Breaking News: today cosmetics brand shu uemura announced that legendary fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld will work with the Japanese beauty brand on shu uemura's Holiday Collection 2012. Lagerfeld will collaborate with shu uemura to create an entire collection and this is the best bit - Uemura has given Lagerfeld all creative rights for the collection. This means that colours, packaging and campaign photography for the collection have been designed entirely by Mr. Lagerfeld. Impressive! You may not have known this (don't worry - we didn't know this either) but for two decades Lagerfeld has been illustrating sketches for shu uemura eye shadows. The two artistic icons, one in fashion and the other in beauty, have been friends for over 20 years. As the fashion and beauty industries regularly intertwine, it is the perfect opportunity for the creative designers to join forces. Watch this space.

*Images: Stephane Feugere