Alice in Wonderland Photo Shoot

Recently I was approached by Emma Redhead, a talented photographer who is constantly adding to her portfolio and creating new and unique concepts. Emma asked if I would be interested in an Alice in Wonderland themed shoot and of course I jumped at the opportunity! Emma had worked before with Stefanie, an amateur Sydney based model also looking to build her portfolio and Emma thought she would be ideal for the role. After weeks of exchanging ideas, the ideas and creative juices flowed all together at the CATC studio at The Rocks, Sydney. Talented hairstylist Genevieve was really excited to master the wacky and divine hair designs while I had a play with crazy, eyelashes, lip colours and nail stickers (thank you to my assistant Michelle). Meanwhile Emma raced about the studio adjusting lights, building props and setting the scene for her vision.

Shoot 1: Alice in Wonderland
Shoot 2: The Queen of Hearts
Shoot 3: Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

Photography: Head of Red Photography
Makeup: Pink Diva Makeup by Tammerly
Hair: Genevieve Baba
Model: Stefanie