PRODUCT REVIEW: Thalgo Terre and Mer Eye Contour Creme

Thalgo Terre and Mer Eye Contour Creme ★★★★
Price: $45.00
Size: 15ml
About: eco-certified eye cream designed to contour and hydrate the eye area using all natural ingredients. Packaged in a recyclable plastic squeeze tube with twist lid.
Review: First impressions last and from the moment I laid my eyes on Thalgo Terre and Mer Eye Contour Creme, I knew it would be special. I am concerned with creping eyes and ageing so I am always searching for great eye creams. Thalgo Terre and Mer Eye Contour Creme is a natural eye cream containing wonderful ingredients such as Green Algae, Organic Olive Leaf extract, Organic Aloe Barbadensis, Organic Ivy, Organic Red Vine Leaf extract, Organic Mallow and Organic Cornflower extract... phew, that's a lot of organic goodness right there! Packed full of antioxidants to fight free radicals, the eye cream works to renew and soften skin throughout the day and night. The creamy formula has a velvet-like consistency which, over a six week period, really smoothed out the finer lines around my  eyes. The scent is clean, lightweight and does not irritate. It smells really natural and not “cosmetic" like many others I have used. I apply Thalgo Terre and Mer Eye Contour Creme twice per day: in the  morning and evening. After just a few days of use it had reduced the appearance of puffiness and the lines around my eyes were magically reduced... I couldn't believe it! The creamy formula is absorbed with ease and doesn’t sit on the skin's surface like some eye creams can. It feels like it is really living up to its expectations and living up to its claims... and I love it. The packaging is small, lightweight and easy to use. I think what we all look for in an eye cream is results, ease of use and getting what we pay for - and you will achieve all of this with Terre and Mer Eye Contour Creme. The great thing about Terre and Mer Eye Contour Creme is that you only need to use a small amount, and that after a few days of use results start to truly happen. Thalgo Terre and Mer Eye Contour Creme reduces puffiness, smoothes out fine lines and contains nothing but beautiful ingredients. I definitely give this eye creme a big thumbs up and five stars.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Di Henneberry.