Review: Revlon Beyond Natural Defining Double Pack

Revlon Beyond Natural Defining Double Pack (Defining 91148) ★★★★
Price: $17.99
About: two sets of false lashes designed to make eyes stand out with gorgeous natural looking fluttery lashes Packaged in a plastic container. No glue included.
Review: Want natural and fluttery looking lashes in a flash? Look no further because Revlon's new Beyond Natural Defining Lashes come with not one but two sets of lashes which contain a sticky glue-like substance so you can apply straight to the lash line. Being a makeup artist applying these on a client, it was only natural for me to add my favourite lash glue adhesive to the back of these before application so I cannot say how these would perform when used without lash glue. Having the sticky backing to these lashes meant that I had to very, very carefully remove them from the small plastic backing they were displayed on to prevent them from breaking. Once removed, I trimmed the lash width down to size to match the width of my client's eyes and then applied them. Beyond Natural Defining Lashes are easy to apply and when used with lash glue, they set in a timely manner which is really important. Best of all, Beyond Natural Defining Lashes are reusable so as long as they are cared for by placing them back on their plastic display when not in use and by peeling off the dried up glue from previous application. And when they are on their last legs you can simply start on your second set - genius! They do not appear false - it just looks as though your lovely natural lashes are fuller, longer and more fluttery. Although lashes are available almost everywhere you look nowadays, Revlon's range of lashes are affordable and available to purchase from chemists and department stores making your life (and look) so much easier.
Tip: Be sure to always first check how wide your false lashes are by placing them against your lash line and then trimming them down to size so they fit your lash line and eyes perfectly.
Purchased: No.