PRODUCT REVIEW: Pure Romance Entice Moisturising Body Lotion

Pure Romance Entice Moisturising Body Lotion ★★½
Price: $20.00
Size: 210ml
About: a moisturising body lotion with healing oils, pure shea butter and aloe and pheromones, to entice your lover. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with flip lid.
Review: Finding the perfect body moisturiser is important to me. Having one with a great smell is a bonus. And the very first thing that I noticed about Pure Romance Entice Moisturising Body Lotion was the delicious fragrance, Plumeria, a strong floral scent, which some may find a little too empowering because it is a little heedy, even lasting once the lotion has absorbed into the skin. Personally, although I am a lover of perfumed body lotions, I prefer a lighter, fresher scent. I always wear perfume and I simply found that the scent of the body lotion was clashing with my expensive perfume. Consequently, I stopped wearing perfume when using the body lotion. I have normal skin and do not suffer from irritations, so the fragrance did not irritate my skin, but I could imagine that it wouldn’t be suitable for sensitive skin types due to the artificial fragrance being so strong. Thanks to the Shea Butter, the body lotion does provide intense moisture, and after using for a few days, even my dry shins, which were dry from the sun and constant shaving, were left feeling extremely soft and silky smooth again, no doubt also due to the healing oils. In spite of the oil contents, the body lotion absorbs quickly and easily, and doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy or sticky. It is very concentrated which means that only a little is needed as it also spreads so easily.

In regards to the pheromones, while hubby did comment that “I smelt beautiful’, he later added that it was a little over the top for him. He suffers badly from hay fever so anything from mowing the lawn to wearing his own after shave will often cause a flare up ... and Entice Body Lotion sadly did just that! If the lovely scent was not too strong and did not affect my husband then I would consider repurchasing it in future. In the meantime I will just use it when he is away on business. The body lotion comes in a handy and cute pale pink tinted bottle, and thanks to the pump it is so easy to use. It is only available through home parties, or online on the company website, in which case there is also a $15 shipping fee (plus $1 for each item purchased) – so unless you attend a home party, this will add up to $35. Therefore while a bottle will last you quite a while, it is still a little pricey for what it is. All in all, I do like the body lotion for its extreme moisturising effects.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Karina Nyholm-Hunter