Review: Nvey Eco Organic Moisturising Fluid Foundation

Nvey Eco Organic Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation ★★★
Price: $49.95
Size: 30ml
About: oil-free organic certified liquid foundation suited to all skin types. Packaged in a plastic tube with a pump applicator.
Review: Organic Moisturising Fluid Foundation has so many perks: it is eco-certified, organic-certified and Australian made. It contains heavenly natural ingredients such as Vitamins A, C and E as well as Chamomile and Safflower Oil. With so many wonderful qualities to offer, I was feeling pumped to this foundation a try. It pains me to say this but Organic Moisturising Fluid Foundation disappointed me from the first application because although the all natural formula is packed with hydrating properties, it somehow drags along the skin and feels mask-like. Being hard to blend, I persisted and tried blending with different tools such as fingers, brushes and sponges but this did not change the application result. I decided to thin out the formula by mixing it with a moisturiser but unfortunately the formula still felt thick and the consistency was only thinned to offer less coverage. Designed for all skin types, Organic Moisturising Fluid Foundation is ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive skin because the ingredients are all natural, oil-free and fragrance free. Its natural scent is light and really appealing. Packaged in such a beautiful plastic pump tube and available in a wonderful, wearable range of 6 shades, I would love to see this formula worked on to become more appealing because Organic Moisturising Fluid Foundation really does have amazing potential and I would have loved to give it an extra star.
Purchased: No.
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