Review: Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover

Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover ★★★
Price: $39.95
Size: 15g
About: mineral loose powder foundation. Packaged in a plastic loose powder container with sifter applicator and twist lid. Available in thee shades. Suitable for all skin types, especially oily and sensitive skin.
Review: Natural Mineral Cover is a lovely lightweight mineral foundation but if you have not used a loose powder foundation before, it might seem a little challenging to start with. The light to medium coverage was a little disappointing because I personally prefer a medium to full coverage. Due to this coverage I felt that the claims on TV commercials for Nude By Nature where you see flawed skin become flawless are a little exaggerated and misleading - so here is hoping a foundation with fuller coverage comes on the market. But not all is doom and gloom because Natural Mineral Cover has a lot of perks too. Its lightweight formula is free from talc, bismuth and parabens which makes Natural Mineral Cover ideal for sensitive skin because the naturally derived ingredients will not irritate skin. If you have oily skin and find your liquid foundation wears off quickly then try Natural Mineral Cover because I find that it adheres to oily skin with ease. Buff in Natural Mineral Cover with a good kabuki brush for flawless skin with long wearing results and if you do like a little more coverage, be sure to apply a second application. Containing Kaolin Clay to refine skin and add colour to the formula, this mineral foundation contains SPF 15 to protect your skin whilst outdoors which is essential. While I love Nude By Nature and the concept behind the brand, I feel that Natural Mineral Cover has a lot of potential to become a star product, however it needs a few small tweaks to get there.
Tip: Prep skin before application with moisturiser and a liquid primer as these will help the loose foundation particles 'grab' on to the skin and last longer, plus it will prevent that dry, flaky look on drier skin.
Purchased: No.
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