Review: Manicare Nail White Pencil

Manicare Nail White Pencil ★★★
Price: $5.95
About: white pencil designed to clean up yellowing nails and make them look tidy.
Review: Hmmm...I tend to think that Nail White Pencil is a 'fad' item. I bought this on the spur of the moment a few years ago and quickly grew bored with it. Nail White Pencil is designed to whiten the inside of your nails and make yellowing nails appear cleaner, brighter, and therefore much healthier. It did not work on my nails which are relatively white but at the time I still felt they could do with a cleaner look. Therefore Nail White Pencil is good for smokers and people who wear fake tan, etc. In the meantime, I will not purchase Nail White Pencil in future because my nails don't seem to need it and the product did not entirely impress me.
Purchased: Yes.
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