Review: Manicare Gentle Nail Hardener

Manicare Gentle Nail Hardener ★★★★★
Price: $15.50
Size: 12 ml
About: liquid nail hardening formula that strengthens nails and prevents brittle and dry nails from cracking or splitting. Packaged in a small glass nil polish bottle with brush applicator.
Review: Every woman must own at least one bottle of Manicare's Gentle Nail Hardener because it simply works wonders! I have been using this wonderful formula on and off for almost ten years and my feelings toward the product is still the same: I have nothing but love for Gentle Nail Hardener... it is an essential nail care product! I own two bottles (one for immediate use and one for backup of course) because it keeps nails from going soft, cracking, splitting or bending back. My nails are so much healthier when I use Gentle Nail Hardener and I couldn't be happier. This product can be used twice daily but I just use it every day or two over a clean nail and it works a treat.
Tip: Avoid applying Gentle Nail Hardener over nail polish for two reasons: it will not work directly on the nail and it will turn your nail polish hazy.
Purchased: Yes - various times.
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