Review: Dr LeWinn’s Synergise Anti-Ageing Mask

Dr LeWinn’s Synergise Anti-Ageing Mask ★★★★
Price: $34.95
Size: 100ml
About: hydrating and anti-ageing facial mask with a creamy texture. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with flip top.
Review: I have now been using Synergise Anti-Ageing Mask twice per week for the past three weeks. I have combination skin, with tendency for breakouts, and I have some pigmentation as well as some beginning lines and wrinkles creeping in. The creamy facial mask spreads easily and and is to be left on for 10 minutes to further activate the ingredients before it is rinsed off with water. The first time I used it, I kept massaging and massaging, and I could not get it to change colour, until I eventually gave up and realised that it probably already had changed from white to a slightly blue tint. So following I just massaged for a few minutes before leaving to dry. The mask needs to dry for 10 minutes, and unlike other masks which can be uncomfortably dry and feel tight, Synergy Anti-Ageing Mask is dry, but in a comfortable way. It feels like the mask is penetrating deeply into my pores to remove impurities and excess oil. Once rinsed off with warm water, my skin is left feeling soft and radiant, and all pores seemed smaller, but without feeling like the mask has dried out my skin. During the time I have been using the mask, I have noticed that I am getting far less breakouts, and those breakouts that I have had, seems to have cleared up and vanished quicker. My skin consequently looks softer and clearer, but sadly I cannot say that I have seen any major change in the amount of lines and wrinkles on my face. The product comes in an easy to use tube with a flip lid, and the mask has a pleasant but very subtle floral and fruity fragrance. Normally fragranced masks do worry me as I have sensitive eyes, and although I avoid placing close to my eyes, they often make my eyes water – but this was not the case with the Synergy mask which is gentle and suitable for normal/dry skin types. It contains ingredients such as Swiss Apple for anti ageing, Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea and Acai Berry for moisturising and antioxidant properties. The product is affordable and available exclusively at Coles, sitting side by side with cheaper alternatives. So is it worth the price? As I did not notice any of the anti-ageing benefits as such, Synergise Anti-Ageing Mask did not live up to its claims of being an anti-ageing mask. But in saying that, you will no doubt get better results if used in combination with other products from the range. I did notice that my skin was glowing, cleaner and clearer after use, and it is not drying out my skin. As you only need a thin layer for the mask to results, the tube is still going to last you a long time. I will definitely look into buying this mask again.
Tip: massage onto dampened skin until the mask changes colour.
Reviewed by: Karina Nyholm-Hunter.