Review: Dr Lewinn's Hand & Nail Cream

Dr Lewinn's Hand & Nail Cream ★★★★½
Price: $19.95
Size: 100ml
About: Moisturising hand cream designed to treat nails and cuticles also. Packaged in a white plastic squeeze tube with flip lid.
Review: Overall, I am truly impressed with Dr Lewinn's Hand & Nail Cream. After using this hand cream a few times a day for almost 3 weeks, my hand feels silky smooth, and even look soft. Also having massaged the cream into my nails and cuticles, it has helped get rid of the dry areas on the sides of my nails. And it has also hardened my nails – to the point that I have not had a broken nail in the period I have been using it - not even after a day of gardening - and they are longer than they have been for a very long time. Gone are the thin brittle and chipped nails I once had. Only a very little cream is needed, and it absorbs easily and quickly, and instantly leaves the hands feeling soft and smooth, without leaving behind a greasy residue. It has a lovely and refreshing scent, which I really love, and I just can’t stop smelling my hands. But although the scent remains on your hands for some time, it is still a very natural and pleasant scent. I also got hubby to try this out (and he is very sensitive to fragrance), and he commented on how nice it smelled and how soft it made his hands. Dr Lewinn's Hand & Nail Cream claims to be super hydrating leaving the hands with an intensive barrier cream that works like an invisible glove. It contains Pure Aloe Vera and Elastin as well as Multi-Vitamins, including A, B, E and D, which provides hands with natural nutrients to moisturise, rejuvenate, and protect whilst promoting stronger, healthier nails. The cream comes in a plastic tube with a flip-lid, which is very easy to use, yet closes securely, so it’s safe to also put in the handbag, without risking it will spill everywhere. And I like the fact that it stands on its lid, which will make it easier to empty the tube at the end. It is not a cheap hand cream, nor is it overly expensive and given how little cream is needed for soft and moisturised hands, a tube will last you a very long time. Doubling as a nail treatment and hardener makes this a great value multi-tasking product. All in all, Dr Lewinn's Hand & Nail Cream is a great hand cream that definitely lives up to its claims. I will definitely be purchase it in future.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Karina Nyholm-Hunter.

Dr Lewinn's Hand & Nail Cream ★★★★
Price: $19.95
Size: 100ml
About: Moisturising hand cream designed to treat nails and cuticles also. Packaged in a white plastic squeeze tube with flip lid.
Review: I love a good hand cream, I’m a writer and cherish my hands so very much. Whenever
I’m stuck on a thought or can’t quite get my head around something, I grab my hand cream while
thinking things through and slather it on - it's comforting. I was pleasantly surprised by Dr. Lewinn’s Hand & Nail Cream. The lightweight, fresh scented cream came in a limited edition bright pink bottle and its flip lid makes the formula easy to squeeze, apply and close all in one simple action. The product is quick to absorb, leaving my hands and nails instantly felt softer. You only need a small amount because too much and you might be overwhelmed by the scent which is a little strong with a hint of Aloe. Hand & Nail Cream claims to work as an invisible glove and I have to agree it does! After a few hours of my first application, my hands still felt soft from the cream and although the scent had faded, it was still noticeable. While the packaging suggests applying as often as required, I’d be inclined to apply perhaps three times a day because anymore and hands may feel a bit “coated” due to its glove-like barrier coating that it gives over skin. As mentioned the Hand & Nail Cream contains Aloe, Panthenol for moisturising and Elastin for hydrating and protecting. Dr. Lewinn’s Hand & Nail Cream is definite value for money and has now become a staple must-have in my handbag!
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Brooke Simmons, Pursuit Communications