Review: Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer

Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer ★★★★½
Price: $36.00
Size: 8g
About: liquid/creme concealer available in five yellow-based shades. Designed to cover flaws, brighten skin and offer an anti-ageing effect. Packaged in a clear plastic tube with silver lid and felt tip applicator attached to the lid.
Review: I can't really fault Line Smoothing Concealer. Its lightweight consistency and medium coverage offers the right amount of coverage for concealing most flaws and erases the appearance of dark circles with ease. Because Line Smoothing Concealer brightens skin's appearance such as the eye area, it is not one to use on 'craters' or deepened areas of the face as this will only highlight those areas. A little tends to go a long way with Line Smoothing Concealer and therefore the product will last a good length of time - if used daily it should last at least 3 months before a replacement is needed. For me, I use Line Smoothing Concealer in 'Light' in my kit after my other light concealer ran out and this works just as good as the other product, if not better. I have let my makeup master class students try the product in class and many have gone forth and purchased one afterwards which shows just how good the formula is. Best of all, Line Smoothing Concealer is a soft hydrating product and does not dry out the skin or produce a 'cakey' look. If you are concerned about parabens then this may not be the best concealer for you as it contains three different types but then again parabens are there to help a product adhere to the skin and this is the purpose of a concealer. Line Smoothing Concealer also contains silica and mica. While other ingredients are on the artificial side, most are deemed as safe. Line Smoothing Concealer is a great concealer for everyday use to cover dark circles, scars, acne marks and other small flaws. With an affordable price point and Clinique being available to purchase online and at department stores nationally, there is no reason why you should not try it out. Ideal for all skin types.
Tip: for best results apply with fingertips or the tip of a beauty pod because it will blend flawlessly and offer better coverage. Two to three dots is all you will need to conceal each eye.
Purchased: No.
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