Review: Becca Beach Tint Cheek & Lips

Becca Beach Tint ★★★½
Price: $42.00
Size: 7ml
About: multi-purpose liquid/creme colour for cheeks and lips. Oil-free, streak-free and waterproof. Packaged in a compact squeeze tube for easy application.
Review: My first impression of Becca Beach Tint in Grapefruit is the vibrant grapefruit fragrance, which smells delicious. The colour is a soft, subtle pink, which when rubbed into the cheeks and lips gives a hint of colour which is just enough. This product is convenient in that it serves as a convenient 2-in-1 product as it adds colour to both your lips and cheeks and can be worn as a dewy blush or lip stain. I generally use blush in powder-form rather than a creme/liquid, so Beach Tint's creamy liquid formula was a first for me. As this product is in liquid form means, it leaves a slight dewy sheen on the skin when applied on the cheeks, and I personally don’t really like that finish. One other thing I found with this product is that Beach Tint does not seem to mix well with my powder bronzing powder and liquid foundation, as the textures were too dissimilar, leaving an unusual build-up of make up on the surface of my skin. As I have continued to use and wear this stain, the product has become a bit separated inside the tube, making it difficult to squeeze a decent portion to sample of the tint properly. On the upside, the Becca Beach Tint is paraben free, preservative free and oil free, which means that it is better for your skin than other products on the market which achieve the same outcome and making this product stand out from most on the market. Overall Beach Tint gives the cheeks and lips a nice hint of colour and while I am attracted to it’s preservative-free qualities, it is not my favourite multi-purpose product.
Purchased: No
Reviewed by: Alexandra Davy
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