Review: Thin Lizzy Concealer Creme

Thin Lizzy Concealer Creme ★★★
Price: $29.95
Size: 15ml
About: Creamy concealer designed to eliminate dark circles and hide flaws. Packaged in a small thin plastic squeeze tube with nozzle applicator.
Review: I was really looking forward to using this concealer crème, especially after seeing all the advertising, reviews and recommendations but unfortunately I felt let down after the first application. Having quiet dark circles around my eyes, I thought this concealer would be a perfect candidate to help hide the terrible constant tired look that I live with. On first application, the cream-based formula felt somewhat sticky and heavy and so I chose not to use all too much. Once the concealer set I followed up with an eye shadow which I found hard to blend due to the sticky Beeswax in the formula. Having said that though, my eye makeup did seem to set quiet quickly. With that in mind the next day I decided to go "au natural" and wear Concealer Creme alone. I used a bit more around the contours of my eye, working a bit at a time and blending it rather quickly. After looking at the mirror I was quiet happy with the result – until later that day. The concealer creased quiet a lot and left an obvious concealer line across my eye. I found it hard to remove (possibly due to the sticky Beeswax?) and it ended up irritating the delicate skin around my eyes. Having said this, Concealer Creme worked a treat when used on blemishes. You don’t need to use too much for a good result. Blending is the trick to an even coverage because as I stated before it sets quite quickly. I recommend using a sponge or fingertips to help blend correctly, rather than a brush.
Tip: go easy on squeezing the formula out of the tube, as I found I wasted some unnecessarily due to being heavy handed.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Sara Wellington.
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