Review: Sebastian Professional Color Ignite Mono Conditioner

Sebastian Professional Color Ignite Mono Conditioner ★★★½
Price: $9.50 / $36.00
Size: 50ml / 250ml
About: conditioner specially designed to care for single tone hair colour. A smart colour seal complex seals cuticles and smoothes the hair surface to ensure colour stays vibrant. Packaged in a white plastic bottle with flip lid.
Review: Sebastian Professional Color Ignite Mono Conditioner is a salon formula designed for use on single toned hair. The formula claims to contain a Smart Colour Seal complex to seal the hair cuticle in order to prevent split ends, and maintain colour and shine, and it really did stand up to their claims. After four weeks of treating my hair with Color Ignite Mono Conditioner I have found my hair no longer fades to the extent it has done in the past. My strands are now feeling a lot softer, more manageable and there are less fly-aways too. My hair is full of life again! Here is the catch: the formula is like whipped cream and I do not really like the whipped foam as much as your traditional conditioner mainly due to the fact it was not as easy to apply. For best results apply an amount the size of a tennis ball size to the palm of your hand and work through your mid-lengths to ends. I am extremely happy with the way my hair looks since using Color Ignite Mono Conditioner - day two post wash and my hair is looking nearly as good as my the day after my wash... I can even prolong my hair wash to day 3! My blonde hair has stayed true throughout the past four weeks and has that healthy shine. My hair doesn't feel weighed down which is great as I find some conditioners can make my hair feel flat, lifeless and weighed down. The berry scent with a hint of pomegranate is very pleasant and not overpowering. For those of you who have a number of colours in your hair, I recommend you try Sebastian Color Ignite Multi Shampoo and Conditioner.
Tip: For best results use with Sebastian Color Ignite Mono Shampoo.
Puchased: No.
Reviewed by: Shelley Steinwede,