Review: Sebastian Professional Color Ignite Mono Shampoo

Sebastian Professional Color Ignite Mono Shampoo ★★★★
Price: $9.50$34.00
Size: 50ml / 250ml
About: Shampoo especially formulated for single tone hair. Contains a smart colour seal complex to lock in colour and smooth the hair. Ideal for maintaining and enhancing your colour at home, between salon visits. Packaged in a plastic bottle with flip lid.
Review: Color Ignite Mono Shampoo is ideal for those who have coloured hair with just a single tone through their hair. After a month of using Sebastian Color Ignite Mono, I can honestly say it really stood up to its claims. Sebastian Color Ignite Mono Shampoo has given my hair life and made the colour more vibrant. It has left my hair so soft and shiny - my lengths feel the best they have done for a very long time. I straighten my hair on a daily basis and when using Color Ignite Mono Shampoo I noticed that my colour appears more vibrant... I feel like I have just gotten my hair coloured again and I am actually in between salon visits! The delicious formula smells like berries with a touch of pomegranate... mmmm! The scent is really pleasant and not too overpowering. Apply around a 10 cent piece of creamy formula to coat medium length hair. That's right: a little goes a long way. The formula foams up beautifully when a little water is added and the foaming formula is non-drying. I feel like I’m moisturising my hair when using this shampoo. Its gentle formula is perfect for everyday use. My hair no longer frizzes to the extent that it did prior to using Color Ignite Mono Shampoo.
Tip: For best results use with Sebastian Color Ignite Mono Conditioner.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Shelley Steinwede, 
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