Review: Revitanail Top Coat

Revitanail Top Coat ★★★★
Price: $14.95
Size: 14ml
About: a super fast drying, gloss coating to protect nails from chipping after nail polish, or can be worn alone. Offers a smudge-free finish. Packaged in a nail polish bottle with nail polish brush applicator.
Review: A top coat is essential when doing my nails as it forms a hard, transparent protective coating over my nail polish and prevents chipping, flaking, peeling and smudging, prolonging the colour and the durability. It’s the final step of my manicure after applying a base coat and additional layers of coloured polish to ensure my manicure lasts the distance. It also completes the  presentation, so my nails are enveloped with a rich, glossy shine. Revitanail Top Coat boasts the standard Revitanail packaging, which looks classy and of high quality, however whilst it doesn’t brandish a budget price tag, the cost is reasonable in comparison to some of the high end nail care brands.

Like the other polishes and nail care products in the Revitanail range, this top coat comes in a 14ml glass bottle with a decent size brush attached to the screw-top lid. The formula has a thin consistency that makes it easy to apply from base to tip and it prompts a quick drying time without any bubbles or clumpiness. It is scented with the typical chemical fragrance I have come to expect from most mainstream nail care products and it’s not a scent that I am fond of at all. Fortunately, the scent does deplete soon after drying, although I must admit I would prefer not to smell it at all, because it often triggers my fragrance sensitivity and induces headaches. I strongly suggest to use this product in a well ventilated area to avoid any issues caused by the strong fumes. That aside, the smooth shiny finish looks immaculate and even works a charm on my bare nails, when I want them to adorn a flawless, well-groomed appearance. It also helps to revamp my manicure, by re-applying
the top coat to my nails every second day, I can extend the life of my polish, which normally starts looking tacky after a the first day, because I am so hard on my hands and nails c/o general day to day cleaning tasks around the home. The top coat shields my nails from general wear and tear exceptionally well, more so than other top coats I have previously tried.

Other than the unpleasant fragrance, I am happy with the performance and longevity this top coat provides. It doesn’t seem to dry out my nails so I suspect the ingredients are quite hydrating and better for sensitive nails like mine than the less expensive commercial nail care products that just damage my nail bed, resulting in brittle, peeling nails. My nails are actually in great shape at the moment, ever since I have been using the Revitanail range, so two thumbs up from me in that respect, as drying, toxic ingredients have always caused havoc to my nails in the past. I find that Revitanail Top Coat leaves my nails feeling stronger and harder, sealing my polish and keeping it looking flawless longer, maintaining the colour intensity and delivering a super smooth, luminous finish that lasts and lasts. The results are clearly evident and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a noticeable difference to their manicure, with the gorgeous, professional looking shine and ultimate protection guaranteeing nails remain looking well polished and chip-free for an extended period. I rate it 4 Stars out of 5, with the strong fragrance being the only let-down.
Purchased: No.
Reviewed by: Melanie Kuziemko, Yeah Yeah, Ragger Ragger...