Review: Make Up Store Microshadow

Make Up Store Microshadow ★★★
Price: $34.00
About: pressed eye shadow with varying finishes - matte or shimmer. Packaged in a plastic compact with flip lid.
Review: In general, Microshadow eye shadows require a rather heavy application in order to achieve true colour intensity and for that it loses two stars. The pigment is not as strong as I had expected and having to apply so much product to the eyelid for colour intensity means that there is a lot of eye shadow fall out under the eyes which has left me feeling disappointed - for $34 you would expect this eye shadow to knock your socks off. Bubble, a shimmery light grey-blue Microshadow is a bit tricky to apply, mainly because the pigment is not strong and I had to be heavy-handed with the product. Bubble is not a shade that I would have picked for myself because it is not really a flattering shade. Money Talks, a brown eye shadow with a funky name, contains shimmery specks which add dimension to the look and accentuate the depth. Being a darker colour Money Talks is a little easier to apply because the intensity is more prominent but the pigment is still not what I had expected. Microshadows come in a wide range of beautiful and fun shades but until they correct the colour intensity, I will not purchase these in future.
Tip:  Press the shadow rather than drag it across the eye, fall out is reduced.
Purchased: No.
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